Saturday, March 2, 2013

Old Man Winter

If you're not from the Ottawa area, this beer is probably foreign to you.

Big Rig is a brewery/restaurant in the west end of Ottawa to which the Ottawa Senators #4 defenceman, Chris "Big Rig" Philips, is a partner. I can't (yet) speak for the food, but they make great beers in my opinion. If you want to know more about them, read their mission statement.

This particular review is about their Old Man Winter strong ale. It weighs in at 8.2% alcohol. Some of it's ingredients?
Spanish orange peel, Belgian  candi sugar, apricots, and golden sultana raisins.

It's pretty damn tasty.

It's one of the few that I've bought on several occasions. At the time of this writing, I polished off one 500ml bottle and have three to spare in the fridge. A friend told me that this is from their last batch of the season, so I had to grab a few.

I've yet to taste any beers like this one. It is a dark in colour, and the head does not stick around for very long. It's not as sweet or citrusy(is that a word?) as you might think. And, despite the name, I don't find it to be in the "strong" category. Perhaps strong for a Big Rig brew, but I've tasted stronger. That's not a negative, since I'm not keen on the strong beers.

If I come across as a brown noser because I happen to like the Ottawa Senators, and also live in the Ottawa region, so be it. I like the beer and I know others who really enjoy it as well. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't bother writing about it. :)

If you have a chance to try this, do it. It ranks up there as one of my favourites.

P.S. Currently (and unfortunately), you can only buy this at their restaurant location. The same applies to all of their beers.

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