Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black & Tan, and Dark

I'm posting these two together since they're both from Hockley Valley Brewing and because I found them to be quite similar. They are the other two that came in the taster pack with the Hockley Amber.

Hockley Black & Tan

Black & Tan. Smooth. Creamy. Dark. Light tasting. 4.7% alcohol. They describe it as:
A dark amber blend of Hockley Stout and our light ale mingle in our signature can. Hints of smoke, coffee, and chocolate enrich the sweetness of a light ale, with a refreshing and dry finish.
Right off the bat I found it to be similar to Guinness. I think it was the creamy head. However, the taste is different enough that I actually enjoyed this more than a Guinness. Despite not being a big fan of stouts/dark beers, this could change my mind. I would definitely buy this again. I would even consider using this as a replacement for Guinness in the Chocolate Stout Cupcake recipe that I posted previously. If we try it again using Hockley, I'll be sure to post how they came out.

Hockley Dark
Dark. Light tasting. Felt  overly carbonated. 5% alcohol.
Hints of roasted nuts, caramel, chocolate, and coffee combine to make this award winner one of Ontario’s best-selling craft beers.
I found it similar in taste to the Black & Tan, but the carbonation kinda threw me off. It felt like I was drinking a Coke. I think I'll have to get another can of this one and try it again to see if the experience is any different. It was a good beer, but I preferred the smoothness of the Black & Tan.

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