Saturday, March 23, 2013

Devil's Pale Ale 666

I've had this one a few times over the last year. My sister picked up a half dozen assorted beers for me last weekend for doing a favour for her, and didn't realize that most of the ones she bought me I had tried before. :) That's not a bad thing because I haven't written about any of them.

So off we go... Great Lakes Brewery Devil's Pale Ale 666.

Devil's Pale Ale 666
Colour: Dark. Duh.

Aroma: Hoppy, malty.

Taste: Hoppy, malty, with a pretty clean finish.

Love the printing on the can:

666 kilograms of malt
6.66 kilograms of hops
66.6 minutes of boiling
6% alc/vol
6.6.06 date of conception  

I'm slowly gaining an appreciation for hoppy beers. They're not my every day choice, and likely won't ever be, but I do kinda enjoy them as a nice change.

I also tend to drink them slower, which is probably a good thing.

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