Monday, March 4, 2013


One of my friends at work had mentioned that she saw a set of 6 different beer glasses at the Home Hardware in Perth, and offered to pick me up a set the next time she was there, if I wanted.

It is the Craft Brew 6pc Set by Libbey.

In case you're as unfamiliar with the different types of glasses as I am, the set includes (from left to right): 1- 15.25oz Classic Pilsner, 1- 20oz English Pub, 1- 16.6oz Belgian Ale, 1- 20oz Craft Pub, 1- 14.75oz Porter/Stout, 1- 23oz Wheat Beer Glasses.

I have a couple of different beer glasses at home, but the majority of them are branded. That's not a big deal if all you're doing is drinking from it, but since I'm snapping pics, I'd rather not have a glass displaying a brand not used in the photo. Makes sense, no?

Can't wait to try them out. :)

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