Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Growing your own hops - rethinking this...

It looks like I underestimated what is required to grow hops; or grow a decent crop.


Lots of space.

Mostly height.

I did a little reading this evening and it looks like these are some pretty big freakin' plants that required tell trellises to grow on. Learn somethin' new every day. :)

I live in a townhouse and space is one thing that I lack in my "yard". *sigh*

This really sucks.

But I did find some good info for the future and a Canadian supplier for the rhizomes that you grow your own hops from: Left Fields Hops Store. They also sell a great little manual called Small Scale & Organic Hops Production from their web site, or you can also download the PDF from the same site for free.

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