Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hops & Robbers

I've had this one a couple of times in the past, before writing about beers. My sister picked this one up for me with a half dozen or so others.

Double Trouble Brewing Co. Hops & Robbers.

The aroma is citrusy with something else my untrained nose can't pick out. Caramel perhaps.

The taste is also citrusy with a light bitter finished.  It's supposed to have 50 IBUs, but if it does, it's somehow hidden in the nice flavour. The flavour is pretty unique in comparison to many hoppy beers I've tried. This is one of those beers that reminds me of my first attempt at making my own beer. :)

The colour is an clear copper/orange. The head is (was) foamy and mostly disappeared fairly quickly.

Overall, a nice beer and one of my favs among the IPAs.

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