Saturday, March 30, 2013

La Fin du Monde

I've heard about this one many times. It was recently recommended to me and I found a 6-pack at the beer store on Friday.

La Fin du Monde, by Unibroue (owned by Sleeman Breweries)

Now I know why everyone recommends it. This is a really good beer. But be careful because it's also a potent 9% alcohol.

Colour: Cloudy amber, with a nice creamy head and dies down but lingers on the surface.

Aroma: Malty, fruitiness.... apricots?

Taste: Amazing. Malt... fruit... smooth... slightly peppery... slightly bitter... smooth and just the right carbonation. It's a well balanced beer, imho.

ABV: 9%

Overall: Deliciously dangerous. You can easily drink a lot of this stuff... keep reminding yourself of the alcohol content. :)  I will definitely be treating myself to these throughout the summer.

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