Saturday, March 2, 2013

Legendary Muskoka Oddity

I have to say that we really lucked out on picking up some good beer this weekend.

From the Muskoka Brewery, we have Legendary Muskoka Oddity.

What's with this trend of corking beer these days?

If that's what it takes to make a good beer, then I'm all for it.

I saw this beer at the LCBO for the last couple of weeks. The price was a bit of a deterrent. After seeing someone else post a pic on Instagram and saying that it was good, I couldn't resist.

No regrets.

This is one really good beer. 8% alcohol to boot.

Before reading the label, I let my kids have a sniff and tell me what it smells like. Both of them (14 and 18 yrs old) said it reminded them of peaches. The label reads:
Muskoka water, juniper berries, heather tips, sweet & bitter orange peels, north american malted barley, magnum and sorachi ace hops, and trappist yeast.
No peaches, but to me, that sums up to "great fuckin' beer". Seriously, I regret not buying more than one bottle. I predict that next weekend is going to be expensive because I plan on picking up a few to keep in the fridge downstairs for the summer. I think this would go really well with a nice BBQ steak.

My wife even enjoyed this, and she's pretty picky. :)

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