Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mad Tom IPA

A last minute pick up on the way to the cash - Muskoka Mad Tom IPA. Another terrible pic. WTF was I doing last night?

This beer confused me. (that's not too difficult sometimes) I was somewhat torn between "It's good.. but, not a big fan" and "Yeh, I like this".

Note the bonus bottle opener. :)
Clear golden-orange colour. Nice head retention. Even got the lacing* going.

The aroma was puzzling. After half a glass, I was able to pick out citrus but I couldn't narrow it down.

The taste... smooth with a bitter finish. A bitter that I had tasted before... somewhere.

Then on Instagram, @worldonmute commented on the photo saying that he was a fan and that Twice As Mad Tom was better because it "brings out the notes of grapefruit even more".

Grapefruit! That was the citrus I smelled and tasted. After reading that, it was so obvious. (give me a break.. I'm new at this beer reviewing stuff) As a result, I actually enjoyed the bitterness more than I usually do. I like grapefruits and the aftertaste of this beer is very similar to what you get after drinking a glass of grapefruit juice, only not that strong. I'm glad it came in a 6-pack so I get to enjoy more of it.

To top it all of, the 6-pack came with a bottle opener. We didn't see that until we got home. I like free stuff.

(* I wasn't aware that this was called lacing until a buddy, Chris Avery, told me. Google it if you want to know more.)

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