Saturday, March 23, 2013

Orval revisted

When my wife picked up a couple of bottles of Chimay Blanche from the LCBO, she also picked up "another trappist beer" for me.

When we got home, I discovered that it was Orval. The not-so-tasty sour beer that I wrote about last week.

However... perhaps I was a little harsh the last time.

Not one to waste beer, I poured myself a glass. This time, knowing how heady it got the last time, I pour it very slowly. It still had a pretty big head, but it was much better than the last time.

It smelled pretty much the same as last time too.

But the taste was a little different. Still sour, but I actually didn't mind it as much. I guess you could say that I enjoyed it. I compared the dates on the label and they are from the same batch.

While sour beers will probably never make it to my list of favourites, I could see me possibly drinking one of these on a hot summer day some time. It's definitely an acquired taste.

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