Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yet another surprise from my wife.

This turned out to be a bigger surprise than I expected.

The last time we were at the LCBO, I mentioned to keep an eye out for Trappist beers. She remembered when she was out this afternoon and picked this one up.

Orval from Brasserie de l'Abbaye d'Orval

I was really hoping that it would be similar to the Chimay Premiere. Alas, it would not be, because the real surprise was that it's another sour ale, very similar in taste to the Panil that I tried on Friday.

Crazy head minutes after pouring.
I noticed the familiar sour aroma immediately after opening it. Then I began to pour it, carefully, into the glass.

It has crazy head. What you see in the picture above took about five minutes to pour and I still wasn't done. It didn't seem to matter how careful and slow I tried to pour, the head foamed like mad.

It's a cloudy amber colour and has 6.7% alcohol.

I didn't find it quite as sour as the Panil, but it's sour enough that I didn't enjoy it much. Sour ales are probably at the bottom of my list of beers to drink. They're obviously an acquired taste. :)

Having said that, it was an interesting beer to try.

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