Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Thaw

There weather here in Ottawa lately is the furthest thing from a spring thaw, but we do have Mill St Brewery's new Spring Thaw, one of two flavours in their 2013 Spring Sampler pack.

The colour is gorgeous. I love it. It looks like maple syrup. Unfortunately, it doesn't really smell like it, nor does it taste much like it.

The aroma gives off a very (and I stress very) subtle sweetness.

The taste is just as subtle. I was really hoping for a stronger maple flavour. From what I remember of the St. Ambroise maple that we tried at WinterBrewed, it was perfect. I guess I keep comparing others to it because it was so good. The finish is lightly sweet and very lightly bitter.

It's 5.3% alcohol, and overall, it is a good beer. I did enjoy it, but it's not what I expect a maple ale to taste like. I'd buy it again for it's overall flavour, but not because it's a maple ale.

It did come in a six pack (with two flavours) so I've got two more to consume. I'll reevaluate it when I do, just to make sure it's not my defective taste buds.

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