Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Stout-Off

We made another batch of those delicious Chocolate Stout cupcakes yesterday to bring to a get-together with friends. On Friday, we picked up a pack of Guinness for the recipe, but on the way to the check-out I grabbed a couple of cans of Mill Street Cobblestone Stout as a possible alternative to using Guinness.

My wife decided to stick with Guinness to avoid screwing up the recipe, leaving us to try the Cobblestone at a later date when it'll just be us eating the cupcakes. :)

Now I have two can's of Cobblestone and a few Guinness sitting in the fridge on St. Patrick's Day. Is there a better day to crack them open? I think not.

This afternoon we'll be having a Stout-Off.

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