Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strong Patrick

Strong Patrick is a seasonal beer from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company.

It's an Irish red ale, so obviously it has a reddish colour to it. Duh.

I picked out a lightly sweet aroma, most likely toffee. It's lightly carbonated and the head retention isn't the best (nor is it the worst) I've seen. My wife said it tasted flat. The photo above was shot immediately after pouring.

It's pretty smooth going down and there's no bitterness to it at all. The tag does say that it's "lightly hopped". No idea what the IBU* is, but I would have to assume that it's pretty low. I'm a big fan of lightly hopped beverages. :)

So, I'm not sure where the "strong" plays into it. It's not just the name, the label says "Strong beer". Strong as in the alcohol content? It is 6.7% — is that considered strong?

The tag also says that "part of the batch has been aged in whiskey barrels, and then reintroduced adding subtle wood and vanilla nuances". Clearly all steps to making a really good beer.

So, yes, I enjoyed this beer. A lot.

On the downside, it's not cheap at $7.85 for a 600ml bottle at the LCBO. :(

In comparison, if money is an issue, you can pick up a 750ml bottle of equally delicious Chimay Premiere for $6.00.

I guess the real decision is whether or not you want to support a local brewery, or the Trappist Monks and their charitable works. :)

(* International Bitterness Units)


  1. I just tried this beer yesterday in honour of St. Patrick's Day. Twas quite good. I was surprised how red it was. I my completely uneducated opinion it was darn tasty.

    1. Indeed! I may have to try and sneak in an extra bottle to save for later this summer, like I did with the Muskoka Legendary Oddity.