Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Cobblestone vs. Guinness Stout-off results

Mill Street Cobblestone Stout vs. Guinness

This was a tough comparison. I even recruited my wife to get her input. She's not a fan of stouts at all, so in her case it was a matter of which she disliked the least. :)

Both are nitrogen charged. Both pour in a similar fashion, but the Cobblestone did settle much quicker than the Guinness, if that matters to anyone.

Guinness on the left, Cobblestone on the right
The Guinness head seemed to be slightly creamier than the Cobblestone. The head retention of the Guinness was slightly better. The overall smoothness goes to Guinness by a hair.

My wife and I both agreed that the Cobblestone had slightly more aroma than the Guinness.

The taste... hardly any difference, in our opinion. I don't know how many times I "cleansed" my palette trying to figure out any differences. I want to say that Cobblestone had a slightly less bitter finish than Guinness, but really, if there was a difference I think it's hardly noticeable.

Both are 4.2% alcohol, in case that matters to you.

Was there a winner? Honestly, I'd have to say that it was a tie. But, seeing as how Mill Street is not an import and I'd prefer to buy Canadian, my vote would have to go to Cobblestone Stout.

If price weighs into it, the Mill Street was also slightly less expensive than the Guinness. More savings means more money to buy beer. :)

After this comparison, I feel more confident that Cobblestone would make a great substitute for Guinness in the Chocolate Stout cupcakes.

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