Saturday, March 2, 2013

The U.K. Invasion... and friends

My first... err.. "review".

It so happened that my wife picked up a can of Tennent's Original Export Lager for me this evening, during our visit to the local LCBO, because it was imported from Scotland. I have Scottish roots, so she thought that was pretty cool. (If it ain't Scottish, it's crap?) Not far from it on the shelf was Wells IPA, imported from England. I was born in England. Sure, why not. And beside that... Smithwick's Draught, from Ireland. No real reason, aside from keeping the theme going. :)

So here we go.

First to pour was... Stonewall Light. Yeh, none of the above, but we picked one of those up as well and it's the first on my notes. :)

Stonewall Light is a "Light beer with natural lime flavour", according to the label. That pretty much sums it up accurately too. I enjoyed this one. It's 4% alcohol, refreshing, light tasting with a hint of lime — a very subtle hint. The bottle is only a 275ml, but it only cost $1.25 as well. The only real negative I found is that I finished it too fast.

Next up was Wells IPA.

5% and imported from England. I really liked the colour. It has a slightly hoppy finish to it. My wife didn't enjoy this one as much as the Stonewall. I liked it, but it's not one that I'd probably drink on a regular basis.

Onto Scotland, with Tennent's Original Export Lager.

The favourite of my wife and I. 5%, light, and a smooth finish. However, to be honest, not a heck of a lot of taste to it. Or maybe my taste buds were tired tonight. I don't know.

And then we headed over to Ireland, for some Smithwick's Draught.

My wife didn't like this one at all. I did. It was probably the strongest of the three U.K. beers that we tried this evening. I thought it had a slightly creamy feel with a bitter finish. I enjoyed it, like the others, but it doesn't fall onto my frequent buyers list.

Last, but not least... Löwenbräu Original.

My wife picked it up. I've always wanted to try it, so why not. Another slightly bitter finish tasting beer. But... as usual, I did like it, it's just not a must buy for me.

That's about it for tonight. We picked up a few more (closer to home) goodies that I'll write about tomorrow.

I'm hoping to come up with some kind of... rating scheme for these. For this evening, I tried to keep notes in Evernote on my iPhone, but it's not very convenient. I'd rather have a printed check list that I can keep handy, and take care of, and then get back to enjoying beers rather than have my face glued to my phone (or iPad).

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