Sunday, March 24, 2013


Wife purchase, again. :)

Tusker by West African Breweries Group.

Another label with a cool story.
Tusker Lager has been brewed in East Africa since 1922. Named after the elephant that killed George Hurst, one of the brewery's founders, Tusker claims that special heritage of being one of the first beers in East Africa. Over the years, this unique lager has become a part of East Africa's rich tradition.
An odd tribute I guess. But I liked to read the story behind the beer.

The color was a very light golden. One of the lightest I've seen on imports and crafts.

The taste was a touch of sweetness with a clean finish.

Only 4.2% alcohol, so you can enjoy this one frequently.

Really a nice beer overall. Crisp and light. I'd buy this again.

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