Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekend possibilities

My want-to-try list for this coming weekend, assuming that my local LCBO has what I'm looking for, with the exception of the Czech PILZ which is only available at Big Rig:
  • Beau's Beaver River I.P.Eh.
  • Beau's Strong Patrick Irish Red Ale
  • Mill Street Spring Mix — Spring Thaw Maple Ale & Spring Imp (Bock)
  • Big Rig Czech PILZ
  • Another Trappist beer, perhaps something from La Trappe which was recommended to me last weekend on Twitter. A quick check using the LCBO app doesn't show much in stock where I go. :-\
  • Muskoka Legendary Oddity (although I tried it last weekend, I was thinking of picking up a couple to save for the summer before they stop making them)
It's unlikely that I'll get to try them all, but this should be the list I'll have on me. :)

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