Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter Treacle Porter

Winter Treacle Porter from Innis & Gunn.


What they say about it:
This is the first time we have brewed and oak matured a Porter, which has been imparted with great depth of flavour thanks to the addition of some roasted wheat, crystal malt and treacle (molasses).
These flavour packed ingredients, along with our signature approach to long, slow oak maturation have created a sublime beer that is perfect for cold, dark winter nights.

Sweet aroma. Slightly sweet taste. Lightly carbonated. Why wife said she tasted rye, but perhaps that's the oak aging or treacle?

There's supposed to be a chocolate flavouring, but I'm not getting that. Unless what I taste is how chocolate comes out in beer. Hey, I'm still learning, right?

Smooth finish and a deep red colour. I love the colour.

I love this beer. And it knocks the Irish Whiskey Cask out of second place. :)

1. Original, 2. Treacle Porter, and 3. Irish Whiskey Cask

If you've never tried an Innis & Gunn beer, you've waited too long. Do it.

P.S. 7.4% alcohol.

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