Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Carboy Cleaner

A short update on my homebrew project, which has not began.

The carboy that was given to me was pretty clean, but there is some sediment or something on the inside near the top that won't wash out without some scrubbing.

I don't (yet) have any bottle brushes capable of cleaning it properly, so a couple of weeks ago I did a little searching on the web and came across the Carboy Cleaner.

I actually found it recommended in a forum by someone who had actually used one. After watching the promo video and reading a few testimonials, I was convinced and ordered one from their web site along with some of their cleaning agent. Perhaps I'll do a video of the cleaning in action. :)

I found a Canadian distributor, but the ordering process on their web site was awkward. Fill out the order, submit, and then they would contact me to let me know what the S&H was?  Umm... no thanks. How about your web site telling me at the time I place the order?

The only thing is that the shipment from the manufacturer comes from the U.S. and will take longer, especially with the whole customs & duty thing. I hope I don't have to pay any extra, but we'll see.

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