Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cream Ale

I paid a visit to the beer store on Friday to see what offerings they had. The last time I was there, their inventory looked pretty sparse, aside from the usual big name brands. This time they seemed to have everything, everywhere.

I almost picked up a 6-pack of Muskoka Brewery's Summer Weiss, but sitting beside it was a mixed 12-pack of four of their other flavours that caught my attention. It had three bottles of each of the following: Cream Ale, Dark Ale, Kristallweizen, and Mad Tom IPA. Choices are a good thing. I went for the 12.

First up... Cream Ale.

Colour: Clear amber.. or is that copper. The photo looks more orange than it was. The head disappeared pretty quickly.

Aroma: Lightly fruity floral.

Taste: Smooth and creamy with a light bitter finish.

ABV: 5%

Overall... I enjoyed it and I'd buy it again.

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