Saturday, April 13, 2013


The third of four from the Muskoka mixed case: Kristallweizen.

This was a nice surprise because the label says it "embodies all of the sensations of our Summer Weiss but is finely filtered to a mellow shine". I guess I still get a taste of the Summer Weiss that I passed on for the mixed case. :)

Colour: Clear golden.

Aroma: This was tricky. I had to rely on my wife's better nose. She said she smelled peaches... or nectarines. I detected something kinda floral. Other reviews I've read mention banana. I'm not sure. I've got 2 more bottles there to try at a later time. :)

Taste: Peachy. Again, others say banana. Whatever it is, it's light and subtle.

ABV: 5%

Overall... an interesting beer. I'm not sure I've tasted anything like it. If there's really banana flavours in this, I should compare it with the Big Rig Dunkel Weizen side by side.

(P.S. I won't be doing a review of the Mad Tom IPA from this mixed case because I did one before on a 6-pack.)

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