Monday, April 29, 2013

la Divine

When we stopped at the LCBO this past Friday, I had planned on picking up two beers that I had mentally tagged last week, for this week. We had enough picked last week that I didn't want to over do it, so I decided to wait.

Bad move.

They were both gone. :(  Mental note for next time: don't wait.

Fortunately, this one was new and they had two bottles left on the shelf. I only grabbed one though.

St Landelin la Divine

Yet another beer labeled "strong beer".

Colour: clear amber

Aroma: sweet, caramel, malt(?), something fruity

Taste: smooth, slight bitterness, creamy, caramel

ABV: 8.5%

Overall: I liked it. It's another potent beer, so beware. I liked the swing-top bottle as well. :)

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