Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sinha Stout

My nephew recommended this one for me to try: Sinha Stout by uhh.... Braueri Heller Bamberg?

The label describes it as follows:
Sinha Stout is brewed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and has a heritage dating back to 1881. It is a traditional stout with a blend of chocolate, coffee and toffee flavours. It has a extraordinary chocolate mocha liqueur like character.
On with my thoughts...

Colour: Dark brown. Decent coffee brown head.

Aroma: I definitely picked up chocolate and coffee. Not so sure about the toffee.

Taste: Matched the aroma. Just the right carbonation. It immediately reminded me of Hockley Black & Tan. Very similar beers, IMHO. I think the Amsterdam Spring Bock was similar as well.

ABV: 8.8%

Overall I enjoyed it, as I did the Hockley. I guess my choice of which I'd choose might boil down to the price or whether I want to remain standing at the end of the night, because that ABV could be dangerous. ;)

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