Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chimay Blue now available in Ontario

I've always wondered why I couldn't find the Chimay Blue at the LCBO, while the White and Premiere are there.

According to this article in the Toronto Star, Chimay Blue will now be available.
Starting last week, however, Chimay’s flagship, a rich, potent brew known either as Blue or Blue Cap (after its label and bottle cap colour) or Grande Reserve, has made it onto the shelves as a permanent listing. Beer aficionados in this province should celebrate the long-overdue end of what had been a puzzling omission. Chimay Blue is one of the world’s great beers.
I did a quick inventory check and found it at the LCBO near my work.  Sadly, the one I usually buy from closer to home does not have any. (yet?)

I think my wife is going to stop at pick up a couple on her way to pick me up before heading home.

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