Sunday, May 26, 2013


I'm skipping some of my overdue reviews for this one.

When I dropped off all the empties at the The Beer Store on Saturday, the guy who worked there asked me if I was going to be picking anything up today. I honestly wasn't planning on it. He said he noticed a lot of my empties were craft brews and was trying to think of anything new that they might have. I said I'd take a look around.

On one of the shelves, they have a few Flying Monkeys brews. I noticed this one still in its shipping box, with none unpacked: NetherWorld. So, opened the box and took a 6-pack out. I grabbed a 6 of another one too, that I'll write about later.

Colour: Dark hazy brown. Stout-like.

Aroma: Grapefruity, piney, with a touch of sweet something.

Taste: Hoppy grapefruit, but a hint of something else there. Probably the same something from the aroma. :)

ABV: 6%

Overall... for a hoppy beer, I enjoyed it. I was never sure of what the appeal was with hoppy, grapefruity beers but I think the secret is to keep drinking them, even if you're not too keen on them and they'll grow on you.

That's kinda like what beer was like when I first tried it in my youth. It's somewhat of an acquired taste. :)

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