Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Mingler

I picked up the Granville Island Brewing Summer Mingler that I mentioned previously. I was a little disappointed to find that two of the flavours in the 12 pack were also in the Winter Mingler that I bought last week: Island Lager and English Bay Pale Ale. So here are the two new ones in this case.

Brockton IPA

Colour: light amber

Aroma: light citrus grapefruit

Taste: grapefruity hoppy. But light. Like a Mad Tom IPA light. :)

ABV: 6%

Overall... nice, crisp, refreshing. If you find Mad Tom IPA a little too strong tasting, this might be a good alternative. It says "strong beer" on the label. Now I'm confused. Doesn't taste like any other "strong beers" I've tried. :)

Cypress Honey Lager

Colour: Light amber

Aroma: Lighty honey. A little grassy I think. 

Taste: Mildly honey. Very nice and clean. Easy drinking. 

Overall: I could drink a few of these without getting tired of them. Thev honey taste is light enough that you don't get sick of it. :)

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