Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Rig Hefe

I checked out all of the beers listed on the Big Rig web site Thursday afternoon to figure out which beers I have yet to try and txt msg'd my wife a short list of potential Thursday night treats. Hefe was the first on my list and that's what she picked up. It's a seasonal beer.

They describe it as...
This classic German Wheat beer is light and filled with history. The specialized yeast delivers flavours of vanilla, clove and mild banana making this naturally hazy brew a true classic.
That's pretty much what it delivers.

Colour: Almost clear golden. One if the header beers I've had from Big Rig too.

Aroma: Banana and vanilla

Taste: Light banana

ABV: 4.8

Overall: I love it. I love wheat beers to begin with, but this was really tasty. I found it a little light compared to some, and not as fruity. I could easily polish off a couple of growlers of this. :)

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