Saturday, August 10, 2013

AC/DC beer

Have a drink on me

Not really, but I guess it's a suitable AC/DC song title for their beer since they might have to give it away. :)

I heard about this one quite some time ago and was extremely surprised to find it at The Beer Store yesterday. I thought for sure it would be at the LCBO, if it ever made it here. I picked up two cans.

The guy working there said they just got it in. He picked up a can, read the side, then laughed noting that it was made in France. :) Brasserie Licorne.

I opened a can of it this afternoon for my first taste, and poured it in a glass. The first thing I noticed was the aroma. It reminded me of many of the imports that I've tried. Lightly malty, herbal, earthy.

It poured a pale yellow, with medium to low carbonation, the head dissipates fairly quickly.

The taste was a bit of a disappointment. Pretty weak, not unlike commercial light beers. I wouldn't say it was bad (I don't think any beer is "bad"), but it didn't stand out like you might expect from being branded AC/DC. Maybe Air Supply could slap their name on this beer instead? ;)

The ABV is an average 5%.

If you're looking for a very light-tasting, session beer, this one might be worth checking out. If you're expecting it to rock your Angus Young schoolboy shorts off, then skip it.

Side note: There's a QR-code on the side of the can that's supposed to bring you to Sadly, it returns a 404 NOT FOUND at I guess their redirects are messed up and it should have brought me to

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