Friday, August 2, 2013

#IPAday... and Big Rig Double IPA

To celebrate #IPAday yesterday, I had squirreled away a bottle of Tree Brewing Co's Hop Head Black IPA which I had tried on at least two other occasions.

On the big day, Big Rig Brewery released their Double IPA. I asked my wife if she could pick up a growler at Big Rig, and she did.

My tastes have definitely changed over the months since I started this blog, and I'm becoming a fan of IPAs, but a double made me a little hesitant.

I was not disappointed.

There was some malty goodness mixed with the hoppiness that made it very enjoyable for me. I think this may also be one of the headier Big Rig brews I've tried. It maintained a little head the entire time I drank it, and had some nice lacing on the glass. even on day two of opening the growler.

I wish I had more details about the ABV and IBU, but I don't. If I do get a hold of them, I'll update this entry.

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