Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mill Street Brew Pub

As I mentioned in the last entry, we paid our first visit to the Mill Street Brew Pub. And if our future experience is anything like tonight's, it won't be our last.

The place is much bigger and brighter inside than I imagined. It's very spacious too. We were seated almost immediately and welcomed by our server.

I ordered a Valley Irish Red ale and my wife had a water, since she was driving. :) A few minutes later, we placed our food orders. I order the braised beef dip and my wife the fish tacos.

I swear, our food arrived 10-15 minutes later. That's incredibly fast service.

The fish tacos were excellent. The beef dip was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. I liked it, but would probably try something else the next time.

The beer was excellent. :) So excellent, that I decided to try another flavour... Helles Bock. It too was great.

I also tried something else for the first time: bierschnaps. Frambozen Bierschnaps to be exact. It's strong tasting and burns a little going down. My wife had a sip and didn't like it at all. ;)

If there was one negative, it would be the food prices. I'd say they're about $3-$4 higher than many other places, but it's not enough to make us not want to go there again.

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