Sunday, September 1, 2013

City and Colour Maple Wheat

I first tried this beer at the National Capital Beer Fest. City and Colour Maple Wheat from Flying Monkeys.

It was a 4 token 4oz sample because of the high alcohol content. I happened to find it at the LCBO this past Friday, packaged in an attractive box that only Flying Monkeys could design. :) Naturally, I had to picked it up, despite its rather expensive price for a 750ml bottle.

First of all, don't drink it when it's very cold. I made that mistake. The cold tends to hide much of the maple goodness. I read somewhere that you should let craft beers sit for 15-20 minutes outside of the fridge before drinking. Do that with this one.

The colour is a reddish brown. The head is a light brown and dissipates fairly quickly leaving a thing trace as you consume this fine beverage.

The aroma is maple. No doubt. I often let my 18 and 15 year-old kids smell my beers to tell me what they smell. More often than not, I get "smells like beer". But this time my 18 year-old son said "coffee" and my 15 year-old daughter said "chocolate". It wasn't until after I told them it was maple that they agreed that they could smell maple.

The carbonation is fairly light. And the taste is maple, of course. There's a hint of chocolate and coffee there too, I'm sure. There's a slight bitter finish to it.

The ABV is 11.5%. Watch out. Thankfully, despite its deliciousness, it doesn't come across as a session beer. A 750ml bottle was just enough for me to enjoy. I can't imagine having more than one of these. Unless you're a maple junkie.

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