Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unnamed Home Brew Part 2

Yesterday was day 4 of the home brew. I took a peek in the pail on Monday and saw that most of the surface foam had broken down, so I figure it was ready for racking. But since I had a beer certification class to attend, I had to wait until last night.

I didn't think it would take my son and I that long to do, maybe half an hour, but I was wrong as usual. With clean up, it took just under an hour.

One thing that concerned me a little is that the gravity reading looks to be 1.011. That's already in bottling range. Is that good? Or bad? Like I said, it's only day 4.

I tasted the sample we took and there's not as much flavour as I had hoped. It's not bad, but I expected something a little bit stronger tasting. I'm not sure if that's normal either. Time will tell.

Anyway, we sterilized everything and transferred all the content (minus the yeast sludge) to a glass carboy and capped it off with an air lock. The air lock shows that there's still some fermentation going on, so that's good.

Based on the original gravity reading and the one we took last night, it looks like the ABV will probably be 5.9% or higher.

I'll take another reading in 6-7 days and see where it's at.

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