Thursday, October 24, 2013

Basement Bock... and Wheat!

Last Saturday, my son and I bottled the bock.

We got 28 500ml PET, 12 500ml swing-top, 3 750ml swing-top, and one 1L swing-top filled up. I'm going to crack one open tomorrow and see how it's doing.

At the same time, we started a wheat beer, which we racked this evening. We've already got plenty of bottles for it even if none of the bock get drank. Ya... that's likely. :) I was a little surprised to find a few fruit flies buzzing around the primary fermentation pail last night, and a little worried that it might get contaminated. It should have been sealed enough. When we were racking it this evening, my son found one dead fruit fly stuck to the inside of the pail. :( I think it'll be fine. I hope so anyway.

One thing that I noticed about the wheat brew was that the initial fermentation foam was pretty much all gone by day 3. The pale ale and the bock still had foam on day 3.

Speaking of bottles. When I bought the two dozen swing-top bottles from Defalco's, they cost $3.04 each, after tax. Yesterday, my wife stopped at the LCBO to see if she could find the Iron Maiden Trooper Ale for me. (they didn't have it) While she was there, she picked up a 500ml bottle of Hacker Pschorr Weiss for me because it was in a swing-top bottle. I've had it before — it's a great beer. But what's even better is the fact that a bottle of this beer costs $3.15. A full bottle of beer, in a reusable 500ml swing top bottle, for a little more than the cost of a new, empty swing-top bottle. Needless to say, I know where I'll be buying my next two dozen swing-top bottles. :)

The pale ale is now almost all gone. I'll definitely be making it again in the future. I have a 1L bottle left, that I've reserved for a friend who is moving into the neighbourhood, and two 500ml PET bottles that I plan to age 6 and 12 months respectively to see how the flavour changes.

I'm also due for a review or two. I've got notes from a few recent tastings that I just haven't gotten around to posting. Soon. :)

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