Monday, October 28, 2013

Red on Red

I picked this up on Friday at my local LCBO along with a few other new and tasty beverages. I think this was one of my favourites if the weekend.

Red on Red is a limited edition Imperial Double Red collaboration ale between Flying Monkeys and Central City Brewers.

Its colour is a dark ruby red, with a light brown lingering head. The aroma is grapefruity, that reminds me a lot of other Flying Monkeys beers.

The taste is, again, grapefruit with a light lingering bitterness that remind me of.. eating grapefruit at breakfast.

I read the notes after finishing off the bottle and the Central City's web site says:
This Limited Edition Double Red Ale has been single-hopped using the first release of the brand new “Mosaic” hops bringing out floral notes of Papaya and Guava, creating a unique flavour and aroma when married with the Pale, Munich and Three Crystal malts.
If I could remember what papaya and guava tasted like, perhaps I would have picked up on that. :) I think I need to pick some up and train my taste buds a little.

Overall, I loved it, and I'd definitely buy it again. It's not too bitter like some IPAs, which makes it very easy drinking for me. But at 9.5% ABV, I'd have to limit myself to a bottle.

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