Wednesday, November 27, 2013

West Coast IPA bottled.. and another learning experience

My son and I bottled the Festa Brew West Coast IPA last Saturday. Everything went very well. We didn't quite get as much as other brews.

For example, the wheat gave us ~22L of bottled goodness. The IPA only gave us ~20L. The original bag of pasteurized wort was 23L. I know we lost about half a litre when we racked it, but I'm not quite sure where the extra disappeared to (aside from the usual evaporation and fermentation process)

I'm very anxious to try this one. The aroma makes my mouth water.

During the bottling process, we also learned something new.

We didn't use enough corn sugar for the carbonation of the Wheat.

Don't get me wrong; the wheat tastes pretty good, but it seems to be lacking a little something that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

While I was calculation the quantity of corn sugar to prime the IPA, I discovered that I used the wrong calculation for the wheat. The quantity we used was at least 50g short. Oops. I won't make the mistake the next time.

Aside from the carbonation, would that have made a difference to the flavour? I don't know, but I'll find out the next time I make it.

With 4 weeks to go until Christmas, I'd like to get at least one, maybe two, more batches of something ready for the Christmas season. I was hoping to make Festa Brew's Double Oatmeal Stout and Red Ale. I stopped by DeFalco's on Gladstone yesterday and picked up the stout. Sadly, they didn't have the Red Ale in stock. All they had was the West Coast IPA (lots of it!), the stout, Pale Ale, Wheat, and Blonde Lager. I might have to drive out to the Orleans location and see what they have.

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