Monday, December 16, 2013

A beery good weekend

I suck at puns.

I picked up a whole whack of beers on Friday. Unfortunately for this blog, I spent more time enjoying them than taking notes for review. So, in keeping with the blog theme of "half-assed" reviews... here we go!

Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout - Nickel Brook

I really enjoy this one. It was very dark brown with a creamy head. Aromas of coffee, smoke and a hint of rye were present. Not surprising since this was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The taste followed pretty much the same, dark chocolate, coffee, light smokey taste, and a hint of rye. My wife wasn't too keen on the rye flavour, despite enjoying a sip of a rye sample at the LCBO earlier that evening. As with many that I picked up, this one was 10% ABV.

Black Magic Woman - Hornbeer

Another stout for the evening, and another 10% ABV.

This one poured a dark brown with a brown creamy head. Aromas of smoke and coffee were one again present. The taste was a smooth, dark chocolate with a light smokey finish.

A couple of others that I picked up, but didn't keep notes on were...

China Wall Vienna Dark Lager - Lake of Bays Brewing Company

It was very good. Crisp, clean, lager. I should really pick this up again and review it.

Trappistes Rochefort 10 - Brasserie de Rochefort

One of a few non-stouts in the Friday haul, and I loved it.

I still have four other bottles of assorted beer beverages sitting in my fridge for this Friday. I'll try not to enjoy them as much so I can keep notes. :)

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