Friday, December 6, 2013

I've been published... and other beer stuff

A little while ago, I was contacted by someone from TAPS Magazine for permission to use one of my beer photos in the Nov/Dec issue of TAPS. The photo in question was one of my many Instagram #beerporn photos. I gave permission in exchange for credit and a courtesy copy of the issue that they offered.

Yesterday I was contacted by the same person, apologizing for the fact that my name somehow got dropped from the photo credit during the printing process. I work in the graphics industry with software that prints. I know that things like this do in fact happen. They apologized and said they would publish a correction in the Jan/Feb issue, as well as list me as a Contributing Photographer in the issue credits. They sent me snaps of the correction and credit. Pretty sweet deal. :) I'd post them, but since the issue isn't out yet I'll hold off.

The issue that my photo was published in finally arrived today.

That's my Pink Fuzz. :)

In other news, my son and I racked the Double Oatmeal Stout yesterday. We had a bit of trouble with the hose to transfer the beer, but aside from that it went OK. The hose we used seemed like it may not have been cleaned properly from the last time we used it. We cleaned and sanitized it the best we could last night, so my fingers are crossed that we didn't compromise the brew.

My very low-tech home brewery, for now.

This evening, I drove out to the Orleans DeFalco's and picked up one of their two remaining Red Ale Festa Brew malt bags, and we started that brew this evening. This is the first time we've got two going at the same time. The Red Ale should be ready by Boxing Day if we stick to the the "normal" schedule.

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