Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trooper reviewed

I first heard about Trooper ale (the "Iron Maiden" beer by Robinson's Brewery) last March and was looking forward to trying it. In October, it arrived at the LCBO. But the shipments were pretty thin, and virtually non-existent around Ottawa, and soon dried up.

A few weeks ago, it returned. First my brother in-law managed to get his hands on a half-dozen bottles that one of his friends picked up for him in Kingston. He was nice enough to give me two of them. In the days that followed, stock arrived at a few LCBOs in Ottawa. My brother in-law allerted me to one that allegedly had just over 100 in stock. When I arrived there, they had half that, and only 10 on the shelf. I bought them. :)

9 of the 10 soldiers :)
I am happy to say, it did not disappoint me.

It pours a clear amber colour, with a nice creamy head that lingers, and leaves a pretty decent lacing. The aroma is bready, grassy, a little fruity, and a little spicy.

The taste is slightly bitter, grapefruity, with a slight bitter finish. It's a very easy drinking beer at 4.7% that I could drink all night, if it wasn't ~$5 per bottle.

I still have three bottles left and stock around Ottawa is once again pretty non-existent. I hope it returns again.

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