Monday, January 20, 2014

WinterBrewed 2014 details

The details of this year's WinterBrewed have been released!

Here's the scoop:

WinterBrewed is indoors this year, at Fifth Avenue Court and Arrow & Loon Pub, and has been broken into seven 3-hour sessions, from Feb 14-16. For $12 (plus fees), you buy a single ticket for a single session for a specific 3-hour time slot, you get one beer sample, and an event glass. There's no word on what additional samples will cost.

If you're interested you can find these details and a link to purchase your ticket at

That's quite a change in format, compared to last year, and I'm a little disappointed.

First, being located in a pub where age of majority proof is required no longer makes it a "family friendly" event. Our daughter and niece enjoyed tagging along last year for the snowy winter events, despite the cold weather.

More importantly, being split into 3-hour sessions limits flexibility to attend at any convenient time over the weekend and prevents you from attending on more than one day, unless you want to buy another ticket for another session. I have to assume the Friday and Saturday time slots will go quickly for fear that beer selection will be limited by the time Sunday rolls around. :-\

According to a comment on their Facebook page, they did say that they plan to return to an outdoor location for 2015 once they figure out a solution for freezing beer lines. Granted, that was a big problem last year, and I can understand the switch to indoors to solve that, but I don't think a pub location was the answer (not there's anything wrong with pubs!)

It'll be interesting to see how the new format works out.

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