Friday, February 28, 2014

Rhea and Cronus would be proud

I somehow accidentally saved this review as a draft instead of publishing it. Oops.

Beard of Zeus is from Great Lakes Brewery and is one of their limited Tank Ten Series. I've always enjoyed the tank ten series and this one is no exception. If you're not familiar with the Tank Ten series, here's what GLB has to say.
Stemming from our Project X line, Tank Ten is a tickle trunk of tasty treats. This series is payback to our hard working brewers. We’ve reserved fermenting tank number ten for them and have given them the green light to brew whatever the heck they want.
Beard of Zeus is the first beer I've seen that has a "best after date": December 2014. GLB says this beer is meant to be aged and will taste better in a year. Because of this, of course I had to pick up two bottles so I could try one now, and one next December.

It's a barrel-aged barley wine that clocks in at a whopping 13% ABV.

Its colour is a dark reddish brown with a thin head that tends to linger and leaves a little lacing.

Its aroma made me think of smoked bacon, vanilla and caramel.

The taste has that alcohol burn, not big, but it's there. Oakiness, vanilla, and what I assume is bourbon. I've never tried bourbon.

For a beer that is supposed to be aged a year before drinking, it was pretty good as is. I'm really looking forward to the second bottle next year.