Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Community Grow Hop

I once thought about trying to grown my own hops.

I found an online supplier of rhizomes, but on top of missing the deadline to order them, I found out that they grow really freakin' tall. I don't have a very big garden. So, on the backburner it went.

Then this came up, for Saturday May 10.

Beyond the Pale's Community Grow Hop!

Here's the details:
Everyone who attends will be able to purchase rhizomes to take home and grow for the season. At harvest time, you can bring your hops to us at Beyond the Pale at which time we will use them to create a kick ass beer made with the hops grown in our neighbourhood. Rhizomes will be $5 (cash only) We will have our very own Hop Farms available on site to give you all the help/info you will need to be successful.
And a link to the official Facebook event:

I'll give it a try and see how it goes. If they grow well, I'll probably keep a little for my own home brewing adventures. ;)

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