Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taking the next step

After stopping by Beyond the Pale's Community Grown Hop on Saturday, I dropped by DeFalco's to see if they had the Festa Brew Wheat in stock. If they didn't, I was going to pick up the West Coast IPA.

Sadly, they had neither in stock. Lots of Blond Lager, Brown Ale, and Cerveza were available, but I just recently made the brown ale, and the cerveza is awaiting bottling.

Right beside the Festa Brew skid, boxes of Brewer's Best caught my eye. And, they were on sale.

It's been my plan to try something new this spring — something that requires a little more work than pouring wort into a primary fermenter and pitching yeast. I picked up a Belgian IPA and a Witbier kit. As a bonus, I also used my accumulated DeFalco's Customer Points to knock an extra $40 off the price.

These kits are very complete, including bottle caps. All you need is the equipment.

The question now is when? :)

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