Thursday, June 5, 2014

Growing Hops - Day 22

The hops are growing very well. Day 22 was on Sunday.

The one I nearly killed (on the right) has three sprouts now, although I don't think it shows in this photo that I took a few days ago. I have added a second training twine since.

Diagonal lines don't work as well as I had hoped. The hops naturally want to climb vertically, and need to be wound manually around the diagonal lines every so often. Unfortunately, I don't have the vertical space to run them straight up where I placed them. To their right, I do have a wall that could be ideal for it, but I'd need to build a trellis and find a way to support it without attaching it to the wall. I live in a townhouse and damaging walls (it's made of stone) is frowned upon.

My son has also been helping to make sure that they're training up the twine. Who knew he had a green thumb?

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