Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hops - Day 42

These photos were taken on Saturday, day 42.

Must be 10-12ft tall now.

The slower growing of the two, Hops 1, has developed an odd spotting on the leaves. When I first noticed it I thought it was pollen... which pretty much covered everything around for weeks. I emailed Ashleigh at Beyond the Pale, who is running the Community Grow Hop project, and she forwarded my question to Bristol Hops, who supplied the hops rhizomes.

They responded quickly with more questions about the hops, and the pictures I sent. Apparently my hops may have the Hops Mosaic Virus. From what I could find on the internet, it's spread by aphids? I haven't found any insects on my plants, although Hops 2 does have a few leaves that appear to be snacked upon. There doesn't seem to be any cure, that I could find. However, in looking at other photos of this virus, mine don't exactly match them. Maybe it will eventually?

Some closeup shots:

I'm not sure what will happen at this point. I noticed Hops 2 now has a little bit of the same spotting at the lowest leaves.

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