Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Homebrewing weekend

On the weekend we bottled the Belgian IPA and racked the Witbier. The gravity for the IPA was bang on to what it was supposed to be for bottling, which means the ABV will probably be around 6% after conditioning.

We drank the sample I took and it tasted pretty good. More bitter than the West Coast IPA I've made in the past, which it should be. Can't wait to try it with carbonation!

Every time I'm doing something with home brewing, it makes me look forward to getting FastFerment. The biggest problem I have when homebrewing is getting the flow started between the primary and secondary for racking, and then transferring between the secondary and the priming pail for bottling. This should save so much time and hassle.

They're still taking orders for their first 1000 units. $90 U.S. ($120 Cdn) is a pretty good price in comparison to what the original V-Vessel sold for. It's worth checking out:

Once I get it in my hands I'll post pics and maybe a video.

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