Sunday, October 26, 2014


I ordered a FastFerment back in June during their pre-order special and it finally arrived this past week!

They were kind enough to include an extra collection ball with the initial kit. I think it was to make up for some delays they had with the design. A couple of months after my order, they offered an accessories kit that included a stand, carrying strap, temperature gauge, and another collection ball, which I added to my order.

I set it up one evening, and filled it with cleaning solution and let it sit for a couple of days to test it for any leaks. They provided plumbers tape to use for all connections to ensure that all connections would be leak-free. Everything seemed fine. Or so I thought.

For my first brew using the system, I chose a simple one that I've done twice in the past: Festa Brew's Pale Ale, which I will be dry hopping with some of my homegrown Cascade.

After we poured the pasteurized wort into the conical, and pitched the yeast, we noticed a couple of very slow leaks at two of the connections. I tightened them a little more and it seems fine now. I suspect I didn't use enough plumber's tape. I'll redo all connections before the next brew.

This photo might be a little misleading, as it sits beside the carboy. That carboy is only an 11.5 litre carboy, not 23 litres. But the FastFerment is still pretty big and will hold 30 litres (7.9 U.S. gallons)

This system is designed to save time for racking since the only thing you need to do is shut off the valve, remove the ball, replace it with a clean one and turn the valve back on. No more sanitizing a carboy, hoses, racking rod, and then having to clean and sanitize the primary pail. The only thing I'll need to clean is the collection ball, unless I want to save the yeast it collected. I'm not at that point with my home brewing.

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