Thursday, October 16, 2014

Got hops?

Sooo slacking on the blog here.

Anyway, on Saturday morning my wife and I were leaving early to take a trip out to Prince Edward County for a night's stay and a half-day wine tour of the area. As I was leaving the house, I turned around and looked up at the big mess of what is supposed to be my hops plants.

As I mentioned, I haven't updated in a while but the plants recovered from their illness late in the summer, and produced tiny flower buds. I didn't expect that the weather would stay nice enough for them to turn into actual hops cones.

This photo is from September 6th.

You can see the tiny flowers.

So, as I was leaving this past Saturday, I looked up at it and couldn't believe my eyes.

Actual hops cones!

On Monday, I opened the bedroom window and checked them out. They were pretty close to being ready for picking (papery feel), so I picked a couple of handfuls to dry and freeze.

After reading up on harvesting hops, I realized that I may have picked them a little early. If and when I use them in home brew, it might end up giving the beer a bit of a grassy taste. We'll see. There are still plenty left to harvest, so if they can survive any frost that we get in the coming weeks, I'll have more to harvest.

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