Sunday, October 26, 2014

The bine that refused to die

Today is bitter sweet.

I harvested the last of the hops cones, and then cut the bine down.

Back in June when the plants got ill, from an apparent "Hops Mosaic Virus", I never imagined that I would be harvesting cones this month. When August came and went, with virtually no signs of flowers, despite the fact that the bines continued to thrive high above, I had pretty much given up hope.

Final photo before last harvest.

Today's final harvest was the largest yet.

Future compost

All harvests
I'll wait until the weather gets cooler and then bring the two pots that I planted them in inside. Next spring I plan to transplant them directly into the front flower bed, to the right of where they were this year. There's a tall wall that I'm going to try and build a trellis against.

What to do with the harvest? My first brew will be dry hopping a Festa Brew Pale Ale. The Pale Ale was started yesterday.

Which brings me to my next post... FastFerment!

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