About Me

I currently work as a software tester for a major software company here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since 1995.

My other hobbies include cycling, camping, fishing, occasionally trying to learn to play guitar. I'm married and we have two teenagers.

I've enjoyed beer since I was of legal drinking age in Ontario. Up until about a year ago I mostly stuck with domestic brands, occasionally having an import here and there, but never really enjoying it as much as my usual domestic brands.

In mid-2013 I expanded my taste in beers and I now wonder what the hell took me so long?

Every new beer is an adventure. I never quite know what to expect until it hits my senses.

I then discovered #beerporn hashtag on Instagram. People post pics of whatever beer they're drinking and tag it with #beerporn. I started taking photos and posting them. There's a whole lot of discovering out there.

A friend at work suggested that I should also write about the beers that I'm discovering.

www.churchkey.ca www.beergasm.ca www.bay5brewing.com was born.

It is now on its third name, for various reasons. The current name is what I nicknamed my basement, where I used to make home brew. There's a more detailed explanation for it somewhere on this blog. Due to a major life change, it is now in my kitchen in a tiny apartment.

I try to keep my reviews short and sweet. To the point. Perhaps throw in some humour. As I learn more about beers, I'll share that knowledge.

Anyway, I'm done. There's beer to be explored.

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